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The Frosta Hack

on August 17, 2009


Like many of the IKEA hackers in the blogosphere, I decided to try hacking the IKEA Frosta stool after reading the Door Sixteen blog. I was in need of a stool for the vanity in my bedroom, and a real Aalto stool is definitely not in the budget alongside all the other furniture we need in our new house!

I used a protractor to mark out the locations for the three legs, which only took a couple of minutes, and had the legs drilled into place within another few minutes.

I used Frog Tape (at the suggestion in the comments of the Door Sixteen post), and if I could do it all over would try the tape that was originally suggested.

Taping took me quite awhile, and then I did two light coats of paint (also the Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x, as suggested). I painted outside, and after BOTH coats had two little bugs fly in and land on the wet paint. I removed them with tweezers and sprayed over those points lightly again, and none of the landing marks can be seen on the finished product.

In the end, the paint line probably wasn’t as clean as it might have been (perhaps with the use of a different tape?), but it’s pretty clean, and I doubt anyone will be looking that closely at the stool near my bedroom vanity, anyhow. I really like it and am happy with the finished product!

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One response to “The Frosta Hack

  1. Melly says:

    You freaking rock. As always.

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